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Saturday out

Tuesday was Nithish's birthday. He is still in Bengaluru working on his project at IISc. It was his birthday treat yesterday. We watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine at Inox before going for lunch. The movie lived up to my expectations in terms of the action sequences and the storyline was not bad either. It agreed with the comic version by Marvel and the animated series that was aired on Cartoon Network. But when after we walked out of the theatre and onto Brigade Road, we saw that the movie was being screened at Rex as well. We felt like idiots to have spent 200 bucks on a movie that we could have watched for 50 bucks just a few paces away. But I still did not mind having spent that much as the screen and the seating is a lot better at Inox.
The movie begins with a scene when Victor Creed and Jimmy are still kids and Jimmy discovers his power. The two then work with a few others in Lagos where Logan feels that he doesn't want to kill innocent people and leaves the team. After 6 years as a lumberjack, Schider finds him and warns him that someone is hunting down the old team and asks him to join him again but Logan refuses. Later, when Victor kills his girlfriend Kayla he deides to go back to Schider so he can have his revenge. His skeleton is fused with the strongest compound to make him virtually indestructible. After meeting some old friends and gathering some information he realises Schider and Victor and Kayla had played him and he vows to kill them all, except Kayla of course. After the climax battle, his memory is erased. Like I said, not a great storyline but brilliant action. I recommend you watch it in the theatre as the effects are lost at home.
We went to Queen's on Church Street where we were handed a menu outside the door and asked to decide our order as we wait for an empty table. The menu was not very appealing to Vikas and me so we ended up going to RR on the same road. The unlimited meals for 89 bucks (plus tax) reminded me of wedding lunches as we were served on plankton leaves. I couldn't help but think that for once my mother would have approved of where I was dining.
After the lunch, we played Pool for over an hour and as usual it was Nithish who came out having played a decent game while Vikas and me struggled to pot balls all game. Veeresh and Karthik played as well and it was good to see that the first-timers were way below par compared to what I was my first time.
I drove back home at full speed hoping to be on time to go watch 'Gertrude' at Ranga Shankara but I did not make it home on time. So I ended up watching '21' and 'Pirates Of the Caribbean: At World's End' on HBO and Star Movies.

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