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Sheldon's Secret

Those of you who still watch Big Bang Theory will be familiar with the newly introduced expression which has been used quite frequently by the brilliant Sheldon Cooper this season. The phrase has caught on rather well and I have found myself using it on more than a couple of occasions. But coming to the point, the show has had a more profound impact than just add a non-word (forgive me for going coloquial) to my vocabulary. For those of you who have failed to take an interest in this wittily hilarious show, it revolves around four geeks and a hot waitress. I can actually relate to most of the situations that spring up on the show as I live in a similar environment at the NITK hostel here. More importantly, Sheldon's influence on me is increasing by the episode and I have become notedly more meticulous in my daily routine. But I still haven't had enough of an impact to wake up earlier than 'just-on-time-for-class'. We have been advised since we were kids to set ourselves a schedule and stick to it. Most of you (I repeat most of you) who haven't realised the benefits of doing it are losing out on the very thing that will make you better at everything that you do. I tell myself I need to sleep by twelve every night and I have overshot it yet again. So I cannot say learn from me, but just make an effort to get yourself to work in a preset time-frame and you can be as smart as the legen-wait for it-dary Sheldon Cooper.

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