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"Thank You!"

When was the last time you said 'thank you'? That's right! You don't even remember!
There is so much we take for granted. I just finished my semester yesterday and in the four months it lasted I never once heard anyone say 'thank you' to the people that served us food (it might have tasted bad but that's besides the point), the person who swept our room, well if I go on the list is endless. I was talking to one of our lecturers yesterday and he was clearly disappointed with the behaviour of the students. He did not say the words but I could tell that we (at least most of us) are growing up to be brutes with minimal/no (evaluate yourself!) moral values and he could not have been more right. A couple of my batchmates got rusticated from the college for smoking up and I have expressed on more than a couple of occasions that a harsher punishment would have been to ask them to clean up the space within a 100-yard radius of the Amul shop. This brings me baack to my original point 'cause people just take it for granted that there is someone to clean up after them. By thanking the people who clean up after us (I am referring to the ones who actually do clean up the Amul premises here), we acknowledge and respect what they are doing and in time (I'm hoping) we will reduce their effort by not littering. I will address littering another time in detail. Before you forget, the point I'm trying to make is that we should stop taking for granted the comforts we enjoy and start thanking the people that make it happen for us. If not anything else, it puts a smile on the person at the receiving end.

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