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3 Idiots

This was a movie that I knew I had to watch even before I saw the promos. The cast, the storyline (inspired by Chetan Bhagat's bestseller Five Point Someone), and the mere fact that this was Aamir Khan's movie of the year was enough to help me make that decision. Then came the promos which indicated that this was going to be a blockbuster as well as obtain a good critical review. Then followed the Chetan Bhagat spat over the credit for the storyline that you might have followed on any leading news channel (if not on my Facebook/Twitter) profile. If anything, this was a promotion of the movie. Finally, after more than a week after its release, I finally got the tickets for the movie and I watched it today.
The movie more than lived up to my expectation even though the expectations were quite high after hearing praise after praise for the movie by each and every person that I know who had watched it. It mocks the existing system where it needs to be mocked and it is done in a hilarious manner at the same time. I enjoyed watching the movie more than most others as makers' take on the system is along the same wavelength as that of mine. Chatur (Silencer), in my opinion, portrayed the average student at any engineering college just like Homer Simpson plays an average working-class American. Although Rancho's (Aamir's) role was idealised, the message the role conveyed through the movie is one that heads of all (I mean ALL) educational institutions (be it a school or an engineering college or any other college) must take in and try and incorporate in their respective institutions. Only then can we say 'AAL IZZ WELL!'
Coming to the Chetan Bhagat issue, I felt that there was no reason to credit him for anything as he has contributed zilch to the movie personally. I agree that some parts in the movie are similar to the ones in his Five Point Someone, but the book has been credited for that and that should be that. Its good to see that he has finally realized that.
If any of you still haven't watched the movie, its about time you did! (Go to the theatre and say no to piracy)

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