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60 years on.....

Our Constitution has been around for all of 60 years now and most of what is mentioned in it is, sadly, still not effectively implemented. I was watching 'The Big Fight' earlier today on NDTV and a viewer pointed out that we (the makers of the constitution) knew the problems we were faced with as citizens of this country and 60 years on, we still only know the problems that we are faced with. There is no convincing attempt to solve those problems. Everyone in this country, be it a student or an illeterate or a rich man or a poor man or a blind man, every single person has blamed the government, the system and the politicians for this situation. If you stop swimming at the brim of the bowl and delve deeper instead, you will get some food for thought and if you are mature enough you will even realise that its the people (yes! you, me and everyone around us) that are to be blamed.
India is a democracy, or so we claim. Most of the people who understand the duties of the ministers and the like are the ones who abstain from voting during elections. This leaves a majority of the people who do vote to be easily influenced by the contestants and they end up selling their vote for the highest bidder who offers them either money or liquor or clothes or promises or any combination of the above. Gujarat did something very appreciable to change this and made voting compulsory. This should be done all around the country. When it comes to elections, most people aren't even free to vote for the candidate they favour. I see this year after year in my college elections where who you vote for is decided by which state you are from or whose junior you are or whose friend you are rather than who you think is the best person to vote for. If this is the case in college elections, I can only imagine how it must be in the parliamentary elections where the stakes are ever so high.
Now let me come to why the stakes are high. An ignorant soul would wonder why serving your constituency should involve such high stakes. But, there lies the flaw in the thinking. 'Serving the constituency' only comes in a superficial manner and that too only to woo the voters to re-elect them who would not like to do so if they fail to even see the slightest of changes happening. The ones who are elected are so worried about being elected another time that they try to amass as much wealth as they can during their term in pursuit of which they strive to abuse their power and authority in every way possible. Recently, they gave such a good example by passing a bill that allowed ministers to take any number of companions along with them for whom the fares will be paid for using the taxpayers' money. Why on Earth would the taxpayer want to pay for something like that? What needs applause here is not the fact that they passed this bill but the fact that they did it unopposed. At this rate, I honestly don't see that much of a difference between vote-centric politics that we call a democracy and a dictatorship.
All this boils down to the attitude of the laypeople, the aam aadmi. It is the duty of the parents to imbibe morals and manners into their children. Why do they fail so miserably? The only reason can be that they do not have it in them themselves. Politicians will always be politicians and even if they do zilch, its the people of the country that are going to shape the future of India. So stop talking and get down to action. Stop the blame game and take up responsibility and the changes will come.

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