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The Winner to be...

Its a fast-paced, blatantly competitive, unforgiving and uncompromising world out there for him. Everyday he's alive is a struggle, a challenge. Luckily for him, he loves challenges. He dives into them head on and comes out unscathed most of the time. All these challenges, these struggles have turned him from an innocent boy who wanted nothing more than to pursue his interests into a scheming, plotting man who wants what people crave for day in and day out - luxury, love, happiness. The transformation is complete and just like he wanted, only he knows how much he has changed. The calmness on his face, the resolve in his attitude, the enthusiasm in his actions are all the same as they were before for an outsider looking at him. But, he knows they are now a result of meticulous planning, calculated scheming and ingenious plotting and not just a mere reflection of his thoughts. What he has achieved is phenomenal, as most people take more time to realise they have to achieve these things before they can achieve anything else (unless they're born with a silver spoon in their mouth) than he has taken to achieve them. Most people only manage to look back upon their life at some later stage and feel they would have been at a better place in life had they been like he is now, and the rest don't even manage that. Every night before going to bed, he looks at himself in the mirror and all of this crosses his mind and brings a well-earned smile to his face. Then follows another session of scheming and plotting as he is never satisfied and always wants more. But he occasionally wonders if he will ever be satisfied and dismisses such thoughts quicker than his sub-conscious mind formulates them as he feels it will weaken him. He just wants to keep going until he is physically and emotionally incapacitated. He walks among lesser mortals, blending in effortlessly but keeping a watchful eye on them at the same time as he doesn't underestimate anyone. He reserves his trust for those precious few who he truly cares for. He has laid the foundation successfully upon which, he can build anything from a tiny igloo to the Taj Mahal. He is on the path to greater things. He feels overwhelmed at times, but has learnt to control his mind. He is the champion of those with dreams. He is the inspiration of those seeking it and can see him for what he is. He is the winner of today's world, at least he is on course to being one.

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