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If you find that you have a lot of time on your hand with not much to do most of the time, then you can just read the following piece of fiction and wonder if it's remotely possible to lead such a life. On the other hand, if you generally feel that you are constantly running a marathon and the only other participant is the computer program that keeps time on your cellphone, then you will probably feel that the words are shouting out your own story.

Every morning, he hears the song at exactly the same time and instinctively hits the snooze button on his phone. It's the same song every morning; irrespective of how he has slept the night before (or for how long). This is keeping in tone with the monotony that's about to ambush him through the rest of the day. He doesn't mind the monotony. Survivor that he is, he has learnt to live with it. He embraces the monotony; not by choice, often happily, other times, he manages to keep his grimace to himself, but out of responsibility. He hates to shirk his responsibilities. But, he fails now and then. Those days are painful, but they pass by as quickly as they come as he is engulfed by a brand new tide of the same old monotony. Amidst all this, there are two things that can never be part of the monotony even though they occur at comparable regularity. One, when he pulls up his socks and runs havoc amidst hooligans, lunging at them at times, kicking around the one thing that he loves to. Two, when he looks at the most adorable little thing in the world and knows the widening of his mouth into a broad smile can be brought about by little else. All he craves for is to have these two things. But, in order to ensure that, he knows he needs to surf through a whole new tide of monotony.

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