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The joy of Radio

Years ago, the radio used to be a regular part of my life. There have been few days during my high school when I haven't listened to the radio. Nearly every Bangalore radio station has been my most preferred at one point in time or another. In the past few years, its been Radio Indigo, but I listen to it so infrequently (my trips back home have become that infrequent) that I'm surprised to find that the show timings are all different every time I listen.

Why this sudden rant about my radio habits, you ask?

I was looking forward to watching the young talent of Chelsea in action against Everton in the Carling Cup yesterday, and for some strange reason, Ten Sports decided not to telecast the game. More surprisingly, I was unable to locate a live stream channel for the game even after a long search. Luckily, I happened to come across a live stream of BBC 94.9 (London local radio) just minutes before the game.

For the first time in my life, I followed an entire game of football (all 120 minutes of it) on radio, and it was beautiful! Of course, actually watching the game would have been better, but this experience gave me so much joy.

I have always liked reading books than watching movies as it triggers my imagination in so many ways that it easily gives me the feel of being 'in there' in the thick of the action. The feeling was the same with the radio commentary yesterday. I could visualize every single kick of the game (not to mention the two missed penalties!). Given the hectic turn my life has taken in the past few months, I've played very little football and the chance to be on the pitch in the middle of the action of an exciting game was just what I needed, and just what I got.

I think everyone needs to read a novel or write something or draw or paint or play or do anything else that will overwhelmingly involve them every once in a while. Passion is a prerequisite for creativity, if you ask me. If you're not doing something that you're passionate about for at least a few hours a week, you're numbing down your brain and letting it get accustomed to the mundane routine. This is what leads to insecurity, frustration and even depression. So, go do something that you're passionate about for a little while every week. Live your life!

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