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Reply to Occupy Wall Street

There has been a big outcry about the fact that the rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor due to the existing tax laws in the US, and is popularly known as 'Occupy Wall Street'.

A couple of days ago, I came across a picture on Facebook which claims to be a reply from one of the Wall Street Honchos.

This makes no sense whatsoever!
These are the people following the trends around the world, betting on them, hedging risks, and earning big bucks in the process. We all know how sustainable that is!

The claim goes "Do you think we can't teach 3rd graders?"
Well, maybe they can, maybe they can't. But I certainly wouldn't want my kid to be taught by someone as unscrupulous as some of these people. A vital part of primary education is learning values and building a moral base. So, it is no longer a buy/sell transaction under consideration once one steps out of Wall Street. There's a lot more to life. Even highly qualified and capable people willing to work 16 hours a day will not find a job if they fail to meet the moral requirements of the job.

The claim further goes "We will not be buying 80k cars and leaving a 35% tip."
When there is more equitable distribution of wealth, they will probably buy a 40k car and leave a 20% tip while many others who couldn't afford to do that before will do so as well. There is no dependency here. It is just convenience.

Frankly, if the Wall Street honchos lose their jobs, they will find it extremely hard to compete with the existing work force who actually contribute in the wealth generation process which the Wall Street honchos later hedge on. When it comes to core operations, their willingness to work 16 hours a day is no longer of any value to the industry. One can only work for as long as enough production is achieved to meet existing demand.

If Wall Street is shut down, most of these people will be unemployable. The condescending tone in the note attached above is totally out of place and is arising out of delusion. 

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