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Multiple Avatars

I have often heard people talk about certain other people and say that they appear to be different personalities online and in person, and they always and without exception say this in a tone that is decidedly negative. But, I feel this may not be such a bad thing after all. In fact, it is perfectly natural for this to happen. Especially, if that person in question interacts with a different set of people online and in person.

Every person wants, strives even, to ensure that they are perceived to be the most amazing personality one can come across. Nearly everyone puts their whole life into building such an image, a profile if I may call it that, for themselves. Whatever their thoughts and intentions are, they engage in building an amicable profile for themselves. Now, how is it any surprise if a person starts all over in this process when he has the opportunity to do so in the virtual world?

With a variety of Social Media at one's disposal, it is very easy to build very different profiles, sometimes even ones that are contrasting, simultaneously. It is perfectly possible to be perceived as one kind of a person on Facebook, while at the same time, to be perceived as a different person on his/her blog, and a whole other person, in person. All that person is doing is seeking to establish a personality, a profile of himself/herself, that matches the profile in his/her head.

This advancement in technology is a splendid thing. A good number of people claim that over-indulgence in social media is a bad thing. But I feel that it can be a valuable experience if taken that way. Every social medium, from a Facebook account to a personal blog, is a potential testing ground where one can have a trial run of different personalities.

It is much harder to try out different personalities all in the same avatar, be it in person or on any of the social media. It is an excruciatingly long process to bring about a noticeable change in personality in the same avatar. The human brain is not (yet?) capable of acheiving that feat. But, the variety of social media available have made our minds parallel processors when it comes to handling our different personalities. And if this is used to try out different personalities, it can be a highly enriching experience and there will be cross-learning from all the avatars and they will converge to a more wholesome and amicable personality in time.

This is the very experience that traveling around the world in the olden days used to provide. Different cultures would force people to exhibit different personalities and after a few years of such nomadic existence, an experienced and respected personality would emerge. Now, we have the option to achieve that while we continue to lead the life that we would otherwise have to forgo. Why frown upon such a thing, then?

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