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Be hated

When I went down to watch the big London derby today, I was reminded yet again of the disadvantages of being amicable (in my case that would have been agreeing to the requests of those wanting to watch IPL and hand them over the remote), and of being in a minority (Chelsea supporters are in a minority in every hostel that I've been). Both these reasons would have compelled me to miss the derby. But, having frequently found myself in this situation, I did not spare a second's thought on deciding to stubbornly continue watching the game with the remote in my pocket, and to turn a deaf ear on the arguments being thrown at me. Eventually, those who wanted to watch the IPL game left the room, allowing me to watch the rest of the game in peace. But I'd recently read this article that had six words as its message 'Don't work. Be hated. Love someone.' This was my turn to 'be hated'.

As you will find in the article (which is a must read for you!), you will be hated by a majority of the people and in a majority of the cases where you're a non-conformist trying to stick to your conventions. Of course, the example I've stated above is a very trivial one, but that's the one that got me thinking. We read a lot of things, but we fail to comprehend the real implications of what's written unless we have something in our life, something that we've experienced, to relate to what we read. This is probably why we remember clearly certain movies and novels years after one read/watch, while we struggle to remember our coursework just days after we've read through the syllabus a good few times. This is perhaps why experienced employees are preferred to new-joins. They can relate to things a lot better than the new-joins.

Getting back to my original point, it pays to be stubborn when the situation demands it. Every time you face a trade off between 'how will this affect me and what I want?' and 'how will this affect the way people see me?' while making a decision, you're defining how badly you want something. When you focus more on the first question and are not worried about the second, you're chasing your passion. When its the other way around, well, let's just say your passion lies elsewhere. I'm sure every one of you will have an answer (perhaps even a list) if you're asked what you're passionate about. But when you're faced with a decision regarding what you consider your passion with the above stated trade off applicable, see which side you focus more on and you'll know how passionate you are about what's under consideration. If you're really passionate about something, you'll do anything it takes to pursue in that direction and not worry about how people will react to what you do. You'll stay stubborn and not regret it. You'll be hated and you'll love it.

Is there anything that will make you want to be hated? 

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