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As I sit in the train, looking out the window at the beautiful Italian landscape passby.... (I wish!), its too foggy this early in the morning to see anything. Instead, I thought I'd write myfirst blogpost from my phone.

I was just reading some news articles and it hit me as to how very similar the reporting of most news agencies has become. So, as always, my thoughts went to how someone wanting to start a new newspaper (in app form, preferably) might differentiate his offering in this market, and an idea hit me. Why start another newspaper at all when you can turn the news into entertainment?

With that in mind, I'd call my newspaper 'Tomorrow', and I will bring out all the articles that all the other newspapers and news websites will bring out 24 hours before they happen. Of course, it will be purely fiction. But it will be coherent with all facts publicly known until the time of publishing of an article. In fact, it will be so professionally done that a person out of touch with the worldly happenings will believe every word of it to be true. While every newspaper will speculate on what might happen in events across the world scheduled to take place in the next 24 hours, like elections and football matches, my newspaper will report them as though they have already happened.

Do you think there will be an audience for such a service? And would you be willing to read an article or two a day and go 'Now that's exactly what I think will happen later today!'?

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