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Visual Marketing

This is a follow up on the Foap article.

If you haven't read it, Foap is a start-up (an iPhone app) that allows users to upload pictures they take (with their smartphone) on the app, which may then be bought by a host of brands associated with Foap for their marketing efforts.

A new trend that's catching up in the digital marketing space is what is called 'visual marketing'. This is primarily marketing efforts that are in the form of pictures and memes targeted at the social media audience. You just have to scroll down your newsfeed on Facebook a couple of times to see a meme that catches your eye. When so many of them are being shared, liked and commented on by users, it has naturally caught the attention of marketers as we see a good opportunity to deliver marketing content that succeeds in engaging users on social media.

Two things have legitimised this growing trend.

One, the rate at which Foap is gathering brands as users. It has over 2.4 million photo uploads from 75000+ active users.

Two, the changes in layout both Google+ and Facebook have introduced to enable better use of the visual medium.

When there is an enabling platform where millions of users gather, and there is a proven track record of desirable levels of user engagement, every marketer will drool at the opportunity of making use of this platform.

What are your thoughts on visual marketing?

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