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Localised Marketing through Foap

Even with the advent of content marketing, a lot of brands still advertise on social media the traditional way. I'm sure a lot of you have seen Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza Hut and other brands putting up images of their products trying to engage you by asking you to either like it or comment on it or share it.

Let's face it. Not every brand has the resources to spare to create compelling content at a reasonable frequency needed to keep users engaged. So what do these brands do to compete and get their messages across on social media? What do they do to stand out with just the little resources at their disposal?

One word - Foap.

Foap is a start-up that has got me pretty excited. Foap is basically a smartphone app (limited to iPhones at the moment) that allows users to upload pictures taken by them on a market place for sale. Who will want to buy these pictures, you ask? Brands. Brands that cannot afford to spend money on creating compelling narratives on social media find this as a cheap and effective alternative for getting noticed.

Although Foap is at a very nascent stage, I see this really taking off as proliferation of social media continues to increase. There is still a lot of room to evolve, primarily for marketing on Facebook.

For example, right now, you see promoted posts and posts by the brands that you follow interspersed among other posts on your news feed. For most part, these look like ads that interrupt your experience. If these posts were to be customised for your news feed, you'd take a little bit more interest in reading it (probably). Say, instead of seeing a picture of a Mochachillo posted by Cafe Coffee Day on your timeline, if you see the same Mochachillo being held by one of your friends, posted by Cafe Coffee Day, you'd probably take notice.

This is precisely what Foap has to offer.

It has the potential to not just localise marketing efforts, it can use a person from a very granular target audience as the model for that particular target audience at a very low cost.

I came across this start-up today, and am brimming with excitement to see what this will evolve into and how it performs in the next year or two.

What are your thoughts on this?

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