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FOMO - why social media matter

FOMO, short for Fear Of Missing Out, has been prevalent ever since people started living in societies. FOMO is the primary reason why people are affected by peer pressure. If you do not fear missing out on what your peer circle is doing and what they might get out of it, the question of peer pressure doesn't arise at all.

A lot of people pick courses or streams while going to University that the majority picks because they do not want to miss out on opportunities by picking something else. It is common to think that if the majority is picking something, then it ought to be the best choice available.

With social media allowing every single person with an account to broadcast her daily activities to the rest of the world (or to the rest of her peer circle), the fear of missing out on things only amplifies.

If you look at the total number of status updates, tweets, photo uploads or blog posts every minute, it is easy to conclude that people like sharing most of their activities with their peer circle. When you look at everything that is shared knowing about FOMO and the effect it can have on a person's behaviour, you will undoubtedly want your brand to be talked about in these media. You will want your brand to be a part of these daily broadcasts.

When there are enough people talking about your brand, FOMO will ensure that most of those who are not active users of your brand will at least give it a try.

Your social media strategy must be to engage people and get them to talk about your brand. The only way you can get people to remark about your brand is by being remarkable. Stop wasting your time flooding your followers with pretty pictures of your brand. You have plenty of other channels to do that. Do something different on social media. Utilize fully what is on offer.

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