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Marketing in big companies

It is common for marketers to be working with different product teams at the same time, especially if they're part of a company with a big product portfolio. It makes business sense to have a common Marketing department overlooking all products, rather than having individual marketing teams for each product. It is a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient in terms of resource usage.

But it comes with its own problems.

When the same set of people are working on several products simultaneously, it is easy to get lost in the thick of things and start neglecting the differences between the products. This can be very dangerous and can lead to incurring the wrath of the product teams.

It is essential to understand the working and the aims of each product and to keep them in mind while doing any work related to that product. But, too often, I see marketing teams trying to follow the same procedures and the same communication strategies for different products. This will make the work of the marketing teams very easy, but it will add little value to the product.

Each product is different and must be treated that way. Not just by Marketing teams, but by every team whose resources are dedicated to multiple products simultaneously.

When this is not done, and it is often not done, big companies end up churning out mediocre products that is accepted by a mass who are ready to jump onto the next company that can offer similar products at a cheaper price. The new models and new products that come out are only incrementally different from their predecessors and innovation slowly grinds to a halt.

It is essential that big companies manage all their resources effectively to continue to innovate.

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