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The audience doesn't come to see you

They come to see themselves.

When designing a product, a marketing strategy, a brand communication, an advertisement, we often spend a lot of time trying to get the colours right, the words right, the lighting and the alignment right. We consider whether the product will solve the perceived customer problem. We consider whether the advertisement will induce the target audience to act in a desirable (for the brand) way.

We do not always consider what the target audience wants to see.

This means that there is no one strategy for digital or social. It all depends on understanding what the audience wants to see. Which is themselves. So unless we understand the audience thoroughly, we cannot deliver a remarkable product.

Understanding the audience is becoming easier by the day with every device being connected allowing every user action to be logged. We can no longer get away with casting a wide net and waiting for the fish to come. We can no longer be gatherers (of customers). We need to become hunters.  

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