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Fail fast, fail often

The biggest fear that anybody has is the fear of failure. A lot of opportunities are not taken, by individuals to change their lives, by businesses to change their products, by governments to change laws, simply because they are afraid of the consequences of failure.

Everybody seeks perfect candidates. Consumers respect brands that do not have a history of any blemishes. People vote in governments that they feel will best suit their interests. Companies look for people with a stellar record in academics and previous roles. This leaves no room for failure.

The best way to not fail is to not try.

Even though the popular saying goes 'To not try is to fail', that is not the perspective that people have today. The best route to success is seen as one where there is no disagreement with anybody else, one where the only important thing that needs to be done is fit-in.

This is sounding a death knell to innovation.

There is either nobody questioning the status quo or everybody questioning it. It is as though the individual view point has given way to a collective mind in the race to fit-in.

If you want to learn, you have to fail. If you have to fail, you must be willing to try. If you want to try, you should forget about fitting in.

Be different. Fail fast. Fail Often. Make a difference.

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