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Preparing for the real world out there

This is what nearly all schools and colleges claim to be doing for their students.

This is done by enforcing stringent rules and rewarding those who conform unquestioningly, punishing those who rebel and admonishing those who question the rules. 

This is done by inducing competition at every level and rewarding the better performers with more opportunities. 

The only learning that this atmosphere imparts is the consequences of failure which is instilled in everyone from an early age. 

Fear is the greatest inhibitor. This ensures nobody is comfortable with stepping even a toe out of line. This ensures that students, employees, politicians, actors, writers and everyone else only do what others before them have done to achieve something. 

Once these people get to a place where they call the shots on what to look for in people aspiring to work with them or do what they are doing now, they look for people who are like them. 

It is a great way to kill diversity and originality. We no longer have to imagine an Orwellian society. We have made good progress in getting there ourselves so far. 

Kids must be prepared for the real world out there by instilling in them the enthusiasm that enables chasing infinite possibilities. Not by instilling in them the fear of not conforming.

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  1. Hi Kumar, I have been reading your blogs and I find them useful and informative. Keep writing. Thanks

  2. Not sure if you have heard of it but an amazing educational model.

    Also considering the present educational model in India..... it's on at break-neck speed in a downward spiral with the quality decreasing rapidly.

    The entire system has to be thrown out and a completely new model has to be adopted..... its long pending.


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