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When you want more

Do you continue consuming the product hoping the product will eventually start delivering more? Or do you stop using it and look for alternatives where you might have to change your routine and incorporate consumption of the alternate in your routine? Or do you continue consuming and look for alternatives on the side, ready to jump the moment something that offers more comes along?

Marketers are at wit's end trying to get their customers to fall in the first category. They are doing this through loyalty programs, customised offers, discounts, advertisements, and every other avenue they can think of. But majority of the customers are in the third category.

So am I.

As adoption of a product increases, it gets harder and harder to keep people in the first category. Products need little to no diversity in their consumers in order to keep exceeding their expectations. More diverse the consumer, more varied are their expectations. Thus, harder to exceed them all.

Brands tell stories. Stories that generate trust. And trust is what keeps people in the first category. If your story is consistent, a diverse set of people will continue to trust you.

You can either do the easy and divide your user base into groups on a spreadsheet and tell a different story to each one. And have them all slip to the third category.

Or you can tell a consistent story.

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