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The Balancing Act

There are always two sides to things. If you focus all your energy on one side, the other will slip out of your fingers and fall and crash.

You're balancing your time between playing and studying. Between watching TV and reading a book. Between spending time with your family and spending time with your friends. Between going back home to your loved one and putting in that extra hour at work. Between that extra dessert and your gym time.

Organizations spend a lot of time designing processes, hiring the right people, engaging consultants, all in the hope of ensuring profits are balanced with customer satisfaction. But this is at the highest level. Some organization succeed while others fail because not every organization understands how to keep the balancing act intact as the highest level goal is drilled down into smaller bits and pieces which have to come together.

This is why someone who does a great job as CEO of a small start-up will most likely fail to do a great job as the CEO of a big conglomerate. And why someone who does a great job of preventing a football club, favourites to finish bottom, from being relegated will most likely fail to win the league with the team that are favourites to finish first.

Marketers need to balance the expectations created by the hook (advertisement, title of a blog post, etc) with the user experience (the actual product, the content of the blog post, etc).

The first step is to understand what the two things that need to be balanced are. Then comes the actual act of balancing them.

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