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Perfection is overrated

You can spend another couple of hours in the office touching up the slides to be used in the presentation tomorrow, perfecting the words in your blog post, revising for an exam believing that what you have done so far is not good enough.

Good enough for what?

Before planning to do anything, it is essential to know what is expected, what is good enough and what will exceed expectations. And it is time to ship when you have made your art good enough to exceed expectations. If you continue honing it and making it better, you will succeed in doing so, but you will have missed the boat to ship it.

If you aim for perfection, you will achieve it. But you will have missed several opportunities along the way. To ship. To take up another exciting challenge. To broaden your skill set. To grow.

The only skill you need to know is to understand what is good enough to exceed expectations. Everything else you need to get there are things you can learn.

When this skill is lacking, there will be fear. Fear of not having done enough, fear of consequences, fear of rejection, fear of failure.

Do you want to overcome that fear by striving for perfection or do you want to not let fear get into the picture by understanding what is good enough to exceed expectations?

Done is better than perfect.

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