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There are two keys to every door

When that is the case, having just one key will not get you through the door. You need the other one as well. But before you start thinking about the keys, you need to know where the door is.

Some people like nearly every movie they watch and every book they read. While some others find ways to criticize every movie they watch and every book they read. And neither kind is wrong. They just see what they are looking for.

Unless you are looking for the right things, you are not going to find them even if they are starring you in the face. That is why you are advised to meditate before performing a session of Yoga. That is why you are asked to remove your footwear and wash your feet before you enter a temple. That is why food tends to taste good in restaurants with good ambience. You need to get yourself in the right frame of mind. You need to be looking for the right thing in order to find the right thing.

If you're looking at the right thing without an idea as to what you need it for, you will find it, and when you do, you will not have a clue as to what to do with it. Having found the right thing will still keep you in good spirits for a while. Then it wears off.

If you know what to do with the thing you are looking for, you will get to work as soon as you find it.

You need to know where the door is. You need to know your goal. You should succeed in finding both keys. You should succeed in understanding what you're looking for and also in finding it. When you have found the former, the latter is staring you in the face everywhere you look. Then all that is left is to open the door. To make art. To ship it.

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