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Eyeballs and Actions

A month ago, I was researching/evaluating a product online. Until that point, I had never been shown ads related to that product ever, be it on my Facebook page, Twitter stream, Youtube, or on any of the other websites I visit.

From then on, I have seen at least 3 ads a day on different websites and continue to see them even today.

I made my purchase over three weeks ago, just a few days after my initial bout of searching and researching. Of course, I made my purchase in a brick and mortar store, so none of these ad engines know that I made the purchase.

It is not the kind of thing one buys often. With the kind of revenues that Facebook and Google are earning (all from ad sales), I can only imagine how much these marketers are paying for my eyeballs. All in vain.

Eyeballs are necessary. But when do we turn to actions for defining our performance metrics? Better be soon.

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