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Behind the Curtains

At the end of Anton Chekov's Three Sisters (a play), twenty year old Irina decides to give up on love before love gives up on her.
I've never loved anyone. I dreamed about it for a very long time - day and night - but my heart is like a piano that's been locked up and the key is lost.
It is no use to play behind closed doors, act behind the curtains.

If you are afraid of criticism, your art will be like Irina's love. You would have given up on it before you have had the chance to let anyone experience it.

You can dream, plan, scheme, criticise, praise, admire all you want. But it only matters to anyone when you put it to action. When you take a stand. When you go out and make a statement. When you shed the fear of criticism. When you are open to embrace failure.

You can live in your head.

Or you can go out and make a difference.

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