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What is said

Is often not what is meant.

You can do exactly what is said, and you will only force the person saying to be more precise, to give clearer instructions, to hold your hand and spoon-feed you all the way.

You do this when you want to remain a subordinate, never questioning, never taking ownership of the consequences, never being bold, never really living.

You can do what is meant, even if it is not exactly what is said, and you will gain the trust of the person saying. Sure, you might go wrong in understanding what is meant and lead to failure or losses as a result. But when you get it right, and you will if you share the bigger goal, you will earn approval and praise.

You do this when you want your tribe to reach the goal as much as the one leading it, when you are a leader yourself.

There are enough subordinates. But not enough leaders.

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