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Staying under the radar

If you are even thinking about staying under the radar, there is every chance you fully comprehend what it means to be in the spotlight.

Although it is the moment in the spotlight that all of us want in whatever it is that we do, it is only delightful to have it happen at the right time. Having the spotlight turned on us at the wrong moment can be awkward at best and fatal at worst.

Go ahead and ship your product. But do it with the awareness of the intensity of the spotlight that will be turned on you the moment you do, by your customers, your competitors. Because once you're in the spotlight, and you fail to impress, it is much harder to get there a second time.

If you follow football, you'll know the importance of timing your run to beat the offside trap and still getting on the end of the pass to go on and score the goal. Make the run too early and you are ruled offside and your attack comes to a halt. Make the run too late and the opposing defenders will get to the ball before you do and your attack comes to a halt.

[Hat-tip to my old boss for drilling in the importance of staying under the radar until the moment is right].

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