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Delighting the world, one at a time

The first to solve a problem obviously has an advantage over anyone else who solves that problem later. But that doesn't mean it is the end of the road for everyone else trying to solve that problem.

Even the simplest problems are complex in nature. Simply because the ground underneath is constantly moving. When a problem is solved, the next level of problem is unraveled. And this level might consist of different problems for different kinds of people. And each one is a niche to go after.

Facebook solved the problem of connecting with friends irrespective of geo-location. But LinkedIn found a niche of doing the same for professional connections. And today, LinkedIn is the go to place for connecting with colleagues while it is Facebook for friends. Even though the basic problem they solve is that of connecting people.

You may not be the first to do it. But if you can do it in the best possible way for the right audience, you will thrive.

Which is why you don't start by thinking, 'How do I become a global giant?'. If you do, it is very unlikely that you will take off.

Instead, you start by thinking, 'How do I make my product the best solution for the situation that one person that I know is in?'.

By delighting one person at a time, you won't bring your down to the lowest common denominator needed to please a mass.

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