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Time to be stoic

A stoic spends her time thinking about and acting on what is in her own sphere of influence. And embraces what is not in her sphere of influence as the reality that she lives in and has to navigate.

No cribbing, no worrying, no anxiety. Just composure.

It's always the time to be stoic. However, the current scenario is even more of a time to be stoic as the things not in the sphere of our influence that we tend to occupy our minds with is far greater than the usual.

Washing our hands often, practicing social distancing, staying home, eating healthy, exercising are all in the sphere of our influence.

Wondering how long the lockdown will last, wondering when (and if) the economy will recover, wondering whether we will catch the disease are all things not in the sphere of our influence.

However they turn out, we embrace it as the reality we live in and find ways to navigate it. The things that are in our sphere of influence are what we ought to occupy ourselves with.

If there ever was a time to be stoic, it is now.

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