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The Spark and the box

Everyone has a bright idea. An average human being has over a thousand different ideas each day, so it's no surprise if one of those ideas happen to be a bright one. This is the bright idea that might lead to that person doing something big, something meaningful, something that makes a difference.

Ideas are aplenty, bright ideas are aplenty, but what's lacking is the right reaction to the idea being evoked. If I tell you I have an idea that will increase the life span of every human by 2x, you will scoff at me and label me crazy. Instead, if I tell you I have an idea that will increase your fitness levels by 2x, you might lend me half an ear.

It is not enough to have a bright idea. It is necessary that the bright idea lies just outside your proverbial box. Only just. Because if it is too far outside the box, you will think it outlandish and not pay much attention to it. Only if it is just outside will it pique your curiosity enough for you to think a little more about it. And only if you think a little more about it will you decide to do anything about it.

Everyone who creates content, be it movies, books, plays, advertisements, blog posts, understands this. The content they create ought to be just outside the box for their target audience. That's the reason you have an audience for everyone from Chetan Bhagat to Murakami. Each knows to paint their stories just outside the box for their respective audiences.

If the conversations you are having are never falling outside your box, you are destined to not having any bright ideas. Exposure to new content and ideas and conversations is what lets you gradually enlarge your box making it progressively less likely for outlandish ideas to fall just outside your box.

It is not enough if you have the Spark. It can so easily fizzle out if your box is too small. At any given time, if what you're doing is not letting you enlarge your box, you are just another mind for the creatives to monetize. 

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