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Airline Hotel and Mocha

During the vacations, quite a few of my classmates who are residing in the northern part of the country have been in Bengaluru for the last five weeks working on different projects and internships. Yesterday was their last day here and they will be on board a train taking them home as i post. So, a couple of my local friends who are also my classmates invited me for dinner where we could meet up with those set to return home. We chose to dine at the Airline hotel and then walk down a couple of streets to Mocha for dessert. I had never been to the Airline before and had a hard time finding it and when I eventually did I must say I was disappointed by its ambiance. It is an old fashioned south Indian restaurant which specializes in south Indian delicacies like the Masala Dosa and Rava Idly. After a light dinner, we walked over to Mocha, another place I was visiting for the first time, and although the ambiance was better here, I was a little queasy to notice most of the customers were on hookah. Later, I was told that Mocha was famous for its hookah. However, we decided to sit in the non-smoking area and ordered dessert. The dessert turned out to be so heavy that despite it being very delicious not one of us could get through the whole thing. We concluded that the next time we go there we go on an empty stomach. And finally the drive back home was very enjoyable. Usually, getting out on the road means having to cope with the unbearable traffic. But at ten in the night, the roads were largely empty and I drove home in a mere twenty minutes which wold not have been less than an hour had I been driving a couple of hours earlier.

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