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Griffin's World

In Men In Black 3, there's a character called Griffin who can see all possible future timelines and outcomes. Many of his dialogues are of the form 'Unless this is the one in which K doesn't do that...' The idea is that life is full of possibilities and every action taken or not taken now can lead to a different future. And Griffin has the ability to see each and every one of these outcomes, although he may not necessarily know the actual actions that result in each of the outcomes.

In the movie, Griffin is an alien who has this super power. But, when I think about it, each of us has this very super power. In that sense, this is just a normal thing that we do and not a fancy super power at all.

We are all constructing possible future outcomes in our heads. How would it be if you were working in Barcelona, how would it be if you were fifty years old and poor, how would it be if you bought a new house. So, we constantly see a variety of future outcomes and timelines in our heads as well. Just that we don't think of it the way Griffin does. We dismiss some of them outright as impossible and fail to even register a few others and believe some to have a probability of 1.

The Tao way of inaction and non-attachment (and in fact the end result of most religious teachings) is to be able to see the world of future like Griffin does. Consider all possibilities and not be swayed by a few of them. 

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