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The Highs and The Lows

Last weekend, Chelsea were beaten for the fourth time in eight games this season. A 3-1 drubbing by Southampton at home. At home, where Jose Mourinho never lost for a long long time. Conceding three goals at home, which he only did once in ten years at Real Madrid against Barcelona. And then he gave this interview after the match.

"To lose like this, to be in this position, hurts me as a professional. But it hurts me twice because I love Chelsea and I'm in this situation at Chelsea."

Having been crowned the champions just a few months ago, to find ourselves closer to the bottom than the top and playing character-less football does hurt. But Mourinho's got one thing right. There's no running away. The only thing to do is take responsibility. And turn things around. Blaming the refs was probably a bit uncalled for, but that shows he's emotional. A man with his ego to give an interview like this is only testament to his emotional attachment to the club.

I have been in this situation myself a couple of times over the years. Where nothing seems to be going your way and the moment you see the first sign of trouble and your instinct goes overboard trying to get you to flee from the situation, causing you to spend most of your energy in fighting that urge and just turning up instead of using it to start turning things around.

It is great to see the Chelsea management and John Terry back Mourinho and the squad publicly. That ought to boost the confidence of the manager and the team a little and help fight the urge to flee and hide. And when you're not spending your energy trying to hide, when you're actively turning up, you'll turn things around.

Despite Diego Costa's ban, despite Hazard's poor start to the season, despite Ivanovic's blunder after blunder in game after game, Mourinho has defended them and spoken in favour of them. When one top player is not performing, he needs to be axed. But when an entire bunch aren't performing, you have got to stick by them and find a way to boost their confidence.

Mourinho will be hoping that Diego Costa coming back from suspension will trigger a come back performance from the team. So will I.

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