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Is it useful or beautiful?

You might ask this about things in your house, the job that you do, the people in your life, the thoughts in your head, the goals you set for yourself, the accomplishments you are after.

Each of these thinks, when you have them, needs maintenance and upkeep. If it is a car, it needs servicing every few months. If it is a house, it needs cleaning at least once a week. Acquaintances need to be met or called once in a while. If it is a thought, you need time and energy either to follow through or discard it. If it is a dream, you need to make room in your life to enable going after it and achieving it.

And when you are paying for the maintenance and upkeep, either with your money or your time or your energy, it had better be useful or beautiful.

If it is neither, maybe you can get rid of it.

This is the real essence of minimalism.

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