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The importance of a healthy diet

We understand the importance of diet when it comes to food. Eat healthy in order to stay healthy. Eat more protein in order to build muscle. Eat less junk food to not put on a belly. Eat specified portions of food at specified times of the day. Don't eat things that don't fit in the diet. Some people allow for a cheat day on one of the days of the week where they don't force themselves to stick to the specified diet and eat things that are out of reach on diet days. Like a piece of chocolate fudge cake or a scoop of Belgian ice cream.

After years of media attention to diets in terms of characters in movies following them, books being written about them, experts (dieticians) making themselves available for hire to those that can afford their services, we do not question the effectiveness of the diet. We know that whatever our weight and fitness goals are, there is a corresponding diet out there that we can stick to and go on to achieve our goals.

The only problem is in following this diet and seeing it through for the necessary period of time. But if we want to, we'll find a way.

Awareness isn't a problem.

But awareness is a problem when it comes to other kinds of diets. That is, our consumption habits.

We have no awareness of what our goals ought to be and what our diet ought to be like when it comes to consumption of media. And we end up consuming a lot of junk in the form of reality shows, irrelevant pieces of information put together as news, click bait articles, funny videos and many many more. We have no awareness of what a good diet is when it comes to social media. We spend more and more minutes per day on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat binging on the curated pictures and posts of others.

This is the equivalent of sitting on the couch and eating chips all day.

We also don't have an awareness of what a good diet is when it comes to hanging out with people, the various activities that we do, the games we play, the conversations we engage in, the time we spend on email.

The first aspect is to generate that awareness.

Next is to specify a diet that suits us and follow it.

And only then can we get around to creating anything. Just like there is no hope of working out at the gym to sculpt our body while eating junk food all day, there is no hope of creating art while binging on junk all day.

We don't eat healthy when there is no deliberate attempt made towards it, because what is most marketed and cheap and easily available is junk food.

Similarly, what is most marketed and cheap and easily available is content that is junk. Open your phone and you'll have twenty different ways of accessing this junk.

If you have diet goals for 2017 (or even if you don't), include diet goals for the rest of your life that doesn't include food as well.

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