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The two equilibriums

A coin standing on its edge is in equilibrium. It is standing still, without falling off, without rolling away. But it isn't an easy task to get it there. It takes a lot of effort and concentration for someone to make a coin stand still on its edge. But it is possible to achieve such an equilibrium.

This is an unstable equilibrium.

The slightest nudge is enough to make it fall on its face.

All that effort and concentration to get it into such an equilibrium and in one simple moment, a gentle push, and everything is undone.

The same coin is also in equilibrium when it is lying down on one of its faces.

Only now, even if you throw the kitchen sink at it, it is at best unsettled for a few moments before coming back to its resting state.

This is a stable equilibrium.

Our lives have two equilibriums as well.

An unstable equilibrium where we are pretending to ourselves and living the life that we think others expect of us.

And a stable equilibrium where we are true to ourselves and what we want.

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