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A sense of accomplishment

When I finish doing my taxes, or come out of a boring meeting, or read something that I had to but didn't really find the least bit interesting, I have a sense of relief. Phew! It's done. That's exactly what I think. I am happy that I have got past what I was expected to do and can now focus on other things, even if that other things involves sitting in on a park bench on a sunny day and half dozing off while listening to an old movie song.

On the other hand, when I finish writing a chapter of a book, or a blog post, or a boxing session at the gym, or a successful feature release, I come out with a sense of accomplishment. And I'm asking myself what's next.

Everything that we do, once we finish it, leaves us feeling something in the spectrum between the two emotions that I've highlighted.

The simple rule is to maximise the time we spend doing things that leave us feeling a sense of accomplishment and minimise things that leave us feeling a sense of relief.

This is where a universal basic income comes in.

More than two billion people in the world today do not have this choice. They cannot make this decision to maximise time spent on doing things that leave them with a sense of accomplishment, because they have to constantly worry about putting food on the table and to put up shelter over their heads while they sleep.

Some people do have this choice. If they happen to hit the lottery and be born in countries that provide unemployment allowance (a basic income), or are born to parents that can let them take this for granted, they can make this choice.

Its a different thing that many of them don't. But at least they have the choice.

This is one of a series of short posts with which I am trying to highlight the worst form of discrimination in the world today, one that affects more than half the world's population. Discrimination based on nationality. Just like we don't choose our race or sexuality, we don't choose our nationality. Yet, we discriminate based on it. 

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