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The Midas touch

"The most important inventions come from lots of failure."
- Jeff Bezos

The term 'Midas Touch' comes from the myth of the ancient Greek king, Midas, who could turn anything he touched into gold. 

In modern times, someone is said to have the Midas touch when they can't seem to fail. 

We would all like to have the Midas touch. But as we set out, we soon realise that we don't actually have the Midas touch, that we will not be a success at everything we set our eyes on, that we will not fail at anything we try. 

Right from the time we are little kids, we grow up learning to fear failure. If we don't study hard and score well in exams, we won't get into a good University. If we don't get into a good university, we won't get a well paying job. If we don't get a well paying job, we won't have respect in the society.

We grow up developing our own version of the Midas touch, where everything we touch turns to gold. Because we refuse to touch anything that we aren't sure will turn to gold. 

We stop trying things. 

And the things that we do decide to touch, we put in hours and hours toiling away in an attempt to turn it into gold. 

This tenacity and perseverance are indeed good qualities to pick up. But there is no fun in it. And where there is no fun, there is no enjoyment and satisfaction.

What comes before the tenacity and the perseverance is the fun of exploration. And there is only room for exploration when there isn't a fear of failure.

At Booking, we encourage people to fail. Because, if we aren't failing, we are being too conservative and aren't pushing the boundaries on the art that we ship. 

You might have the Midas touch. But is that because you are a success at everything you try your hand at, or is it because you are too afraid to try things that you might fail at and are limiting yourself to the few things you are likely to succeed at?

There is nothing wrong in choosing the things you are likely to succeed at and do only those and not explore other things. But that doesn't lead to innovation and discovery.

So, it is a choice that we make as to how we want to live our lives.  

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