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When you will be a leader

Everything that we do has two possible outcomes. It might work the way we would like it to, or it may not.

We like to focus a lot on the latter. The reason we read so many self help and 'how to' content is because we want to convince ourselves that it will work. Which is why we tread on the path that has been often taken by others before us. Following in someone's footsteps makes it easier to convince ourselves that it will work. After all, it worked for her and her and her, we can tell our minds when the focus begins to shift back to thinking that it might not work.

We tend to equate risk with failure.

We don't take the leap because we are scared that it might not work. So we stand still and do nothing. We continue to glide by in the direction of the blowing wind rather than stake a claim and set sail to where we want to go, even when it means moving in the direction opposite the wind.

It is natural to feel this way. It is the survival instinct that is etched into us. It is natural to want to follow in the footsteps of someone who has done this before and can show us the path.

What we are doing here is merely follow. We imitate, we copy, we follow.

But, if that is all we do, we can never hope to be the leader.

In order to be a leader, we need to do things that others want to follow. We need to take a leap and embrace the risk and make it work. On the way, we will fall. And we will get up, brush off the dust, learn not to do that again, and have another go. But we will make it.

And that is the only way to be a leader.

You can follow. Or you can lead.

But you cannot follow anyone to learn how to be a leader. 

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