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Dealing with cues

As humans, we deal with cues. When the clock strikes six in the evening, it is a cue to wrap up what we are doing at work and go home for the day. When someone finishes their part of the presentation, it is a cue for the next one to go up on stage and share their bit.

These are more overt cues.

However, there are 10x more subtle cues in our lives that shape our daily behaviours. When we receive a little nudge from Headspace in terms of a push notification, it is a cue for sitting down to meditate. When we come across pictures of a friend vacationing, it is a cue for us to sit down and make bookings for our own vacation that we've been planning.

Cues are essentially things that we come across that evoke certain actions, feelings or behaviours in us. While it is going against human nature to control how we react to every single cue that we come across throughout or day, we don't have to completely let our fates be decided by the cues that show up in front of us.

Rather than live reactively, we can take control of positioning our cues to our benefit.

I personally undertake a cleansing ritual every now and then when I remove cues from my life that induce undesirable actions or feelings or behaviours - be it uninstalling apps or unfollowing some people on social media or listening to inspiring podcasts and reading informative books.

Placing running gear by the bed, so that we wake up and take the cue to go for a run, or to stock up on fruits and vegetables in the fridge so that we take the cue to eat healthy are some of the more popular things that people do to shape their cues.

Shaping our behaviours are hard when we do not control the cues. It is much more effective to go to the source and control the cues. 

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