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Get the easy stuff right

Arriving for appointments on time.
Being respectful in providing feedback.
Following through on commitments (not reneging on promises).
Improving upon what we did yesterday.
Learning from our mistakes.

These are the easy stuff. They are completely in our control (most of the time). They are a direct reflection of out inner values and character.

Raising funding for our startup.
Becoming a bestselling author.
Being promoted to CEO of a company.
Finishing an Iron Man triathlon.
Being voted employee of the month.

These are the hard stuff. They are not completely in our control (all of the time). They are not always a direct reflection of our inner values and character.

The core of all spirituality is to get the easy stuff right and to leave the hard stuff for the world to determine.

More often than not, the hard stuff follows the easy stuff.

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