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Learning from mistakes

That's the easiest kind of learning.

We can do this by simply taking a step back, looking at what actions led to undesirable consequences, identifying the mistakes we made, and by coming up with a plan to addressing them the next time around, while at the same time letting it sink into our heads and our habits so that we use this learning in other aspects of our lives.

However, a harder kind of learning is learning through reasoning and by putting ourselves in the shoes of others who might have made mistakes.

This seems easy when we do it. After all, it is simply consuming what someone has written or made into a video or a podcast. But, we retain much less than 1% of all the things that we consume just a few months down the line. The hard part is in the internalizing of these learnings.

The only way to do that is to trigger those parts of our brains that are triggered when we learn from our own experiences. To create those loops instead of simple memory loops.

And the way to do that is through extensive simulation. Situations that we can put ourselves in over and over again in a short period of time. This is why games are such good proxies for real life scenarios.

Another way is through writing. By forcing yourself to think of an example from your own life that fits with the learning and then writing about it.

This is why I write everyday.

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