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Habits and Identity

I know many religious people that find it very easy to follow certain habits because their religious beliefs forbid them - like being a vegetarian or a teetotaler.

Similarly, I know people who are part of running clubs and book clubs and writing clubs that have no trouble at all sticking to their running, reading or writing habits.

The common factor here is a sense of identity. People like us do things like this (or don't do things like this).

There is research to back the fact that habits that are ingrained in our identities are the ones that stick the longest.

Our identities are continuously morphing. They are changing based on the people we interact with the most, the media we consume, the culture and society that we live in and the ideologies we respect and aspire to.

If you're struggling to make a habit stick, use one of these dimensions to change your identity so that the habit becomes ingrained in your identity - join a group of people that have the habit, read / watch about people that have the habit. Until you start to feel like someone like you does things like this.

Then, your habit is bound to stick.

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