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They just don't get it

If a comedian goes up on stage and his set falls flat, failing to elicit any laughter from the crowd, he can either say, "Tough crowd, they just don't get it!". Or he can work on improving his material and give it another shot.

If a consultant gives a presentation and nobody is enthusiastic about his proposal, he can either say, "These people just don't get it!". Or he can work on improving the way he put across his message and give it another shot.

"They just don't get it" is equivalent to giving up. It is the equivalent of saying "I've done everything I can and there is nothing more I can do".

In some cases, giving up is the right thing to do.

But the next time you say this, ask yourself if you're consciously giving up or if you are simply masking the short-comings in your arguments and communication style.

After all, if you try a different approach, they just might get it.

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