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What's your horizon?

Every person (invariably) treats their life as an optimization function where they try to maximize their returns on the attributes that they care about, which can range from wealth, happiness, fame, love, status, knowledge, health and so on.

And everyone has their own horizon over which they do this.

Your approach and your actions will be completely different if your horizon is three months, one year, ten years or an entire lifetime.

Having a longer horizon is better most of the time, but not always. Sometimes, you'll have to survive in the short run to be able to think about a longer horizon.

We make decisions all the time. And we do them with a certain horizon sub-consciously baked into our brains. If you're deciding to eat healthier and cut down on junk food, you have a certain time horizon in mind for your health. If you decide to take up a new job that offers more money, you have a certain time horizon for wealth and for career progression.

For better decision making, bring the horizon question from your sub-conscious to your conscious mind.

What's your horizon?

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