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Avoiding procrastination

Working as a Product Manager, one of the aspects of the job is that there is a lot of inbound requests and queries from various stakeholders. This means a lot of email / Slack and a lot of meetings. And it is easy to let something slip as it comes in or to simply hit snooze on it, to be dealt with at a later time.

But that later time never comes, unless things get bigger.

I've traditionally used the following method to avoid procrastination and it has since proven useful in avoiding procrastination even when it comes to personal tasks like filing taxes and paying bills.

The method is defined by the saying, "What gets written down gets done."

So, whenever a task comes my way, I either write down in my schedule as to when I will get it done (even if it is two weeks or a month from now) or I will do it right away.

Anything that takes less than a few minutes to get done, I do it right away as the overhead of adding it to the schedule and then getting back to it is simply not worth the effort. But, for anything that takes longer, I schedule time for it and end up doing it as per that schedule.

As you must notice, hitting snooze is never an option.

If you find yourself procrastinating, you might want to try this.

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