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On enrollment

If there is a kid trying to learn how to canoe, one can tell whether the kid will learn or not by observing their posture as they sit in the canoe and their attitude that comes across through their actions. Someone without the right attitude, someone that has been forced to attend the lesson, will not learn.

Seth Godin talks about this as enrollment. When someone isn't enrolled in the learning, will not end up learning even though they go through the lessons. So, the key then becomes to have enrollment right from the beginning.

This couldn't be more true at the work place.

We have all seen colleagues who aren't enrolled in the ways of the organization and end up doing things with the wrong attitude. These are the people who follow processes because they feel like they have no choice. They don't believe in the processes. They aren't enrolled.

As a result, their prophecy is self-fulfilling. They don't believe in the processes because they don't believe they will work and have the desired effects. And in believing that, they approach their practice and participation with that attitude and don't make a proper go of it. As a result, they fulfill their own prophecy.

The trick again, is to have enrollment. So, come with the right attitude. 

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