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Total immersion

If I've been referencing TJ Miller's conversation with James Altucher in my past few posts, it's because I enjoyed it so much and there were several things that kept me pondering after I listened to it.

One of the things he talks about is his goal for next year (which he then says is for the year after). As you probably know, I myself set personal goals every year that I strive to achieve over the rest of the year.

TJ Miller has set himself a goal of doing a thousand stand-up acts in a single year. Nobody has ever done that many. And that's an incredibly big number! That's an average of 2.7 sets every single day for a year.

Whether he does it or not, the idea behind it is total immersion. I have come across similar approaches to mastering new skills recommended by other people. For instance, another example is someone living for three months each in Shanghai, Barcelona and Tokyo with the goal of speaking only Chinese, Spanish and Japanese respectively while living there so as to learn the language under extreme stress and end up mastering it as a result.

We're in mid-October, which means I'm thinking about setting my goals for the next year and the idea of total immersion is really starting to take hold in me.

Whatever I pick, I'll make sure to have one that involves this level of a total immersion. It seems like a nice experiment to do. 

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