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Source of information

I stopped consuming traditional news several months ago and continue to stick to it. However, I do have an idea about what's happening around the world through the people I talk to, the newsletters and blogs I follow and the podcasts I listen to.

However, none of these sources have much to do with the American Presidential candidate nominations. But I've heard about Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren and their campaign proposals and promises from my best friend. That was my only source until I listened to TJ Miller talk about Andrew Yang on a podcast.

I generally skip when podcast interviews move towards the US elections (and some other topics that I don't have an active interest in), but I decided to listen to TJ Miller.

While I did learn a little bit about Andrew Yang from his conversation, it didn't feel like news at all. It felt like a person whom I know and trust was talking to me casually about a topic and the topic happened to be Andrew Yang and by extension, the US elections.

This made me realize that this is the manner in which I've been consuming news for the past several months. They have been opinions of people I trust and not really factual statements, which I grew up thinking what news was.

But perhaps this is a better way of consuming news in this age of misinformation and fake news with click-bait titles. 

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