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The holistic picture

Fantasy Premier League is an interesting game. Each game week, one can create a team of fifteen individuals comprising of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three strikers from any of the twenty Premier League teams. And each week, based on how they do in their games, points are awarded and added up as per the teams created by the users.

However, there is one constraint.

Each user is awarded a hundred points which can be used to pick the fifteen players. And every player has an associated value depending on how good they are. This makes it impossible to pick the best players in every position as that would need a lot more than a hundred points.

This means that it is no longer a maximizing equation for each of the fifteen slots, but a maximization equation for the fifteen slots combined. Even if the users are unable to pick the best players for many positions, they might still be able to pick the best team.

This teaches an important lesson of looking at the holistic picture.

We all have to choose our paths and make decisions on several fronts - career, health, relationships, money, hobbies, family, etc. While the natural tendency is to try to maximize each of those individually, we forget about the physical constraints of time on us.

So, taking the holistic picture into account is a better approach then. 

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